Studying Scarlett the Grey


Just another undercover day. Or is it?

Planning and executing a high-stakes, smoke-and-mirrors deception to flush out terrorists for the Sci-Spy team left Dr. Bree Watson ready for a change of pace. An easy, “undercover boss” style assignment fits the ticket perfectly, and leaves evenings free to cuddle with her cat, Sherlock. Unfortunately, the spy world has other plans. The arrival of her nemesis—also her partner’s ex-lover—brings Bree’s worlds crashing together, threatening to destroy her in the process. She’ll need all her wits and all her training to keep one step ahead of:

  • A rogue enemy agent—on the loose
  • A terrorist willing to trade information—for the right price
  • A dead man with ties to trouble—and an unexplained cash stash
  • The hunky detective who loves her—and the studly spy who might
  • A chatty parrot who sings off-key—and knows more than she should

Soon spying and sleuthing take priority over Sherlock, sleep, and just about everything else. When the mission implodes, Bree must battle more than burnout—she must fight for her life.

Will she beat the odds? Or has she finally met her own impossible mission?

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