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Safety and Women’s Issues

Women and Violence: the Fiction and the Facts   From the parables of the Bible and Aesop’s fables to modern fiction, storytelling is a mechanism to share basic truths. In a discussion of her novel Dangerous Affairs, author Kelle Z. Riley highlights the psychology behind domestic violence, and debunks the myths that relegate it to a certain race, religion, or income level. She also discusses ways women can empower and protect themselves.


The Ugly Side of Love: Dating Violence, Awareness and Prevention  Dr. Kelly Z. Riley explores common myths that can pave the way to relationships built on violence and control rather than love and trust.  It highlights some warning signs that characterize controlling partners and discusses behaviors, beliefs and boundaries that foster healthy relationships.  Targeted especially for teens and young adults this seminar also focuses on how awareness can help to build strong communities.


The Savvy Woman’s Safety Guide  This seminar is aimed at developing safety awareness for today’s savvy woman.  Drawing on her extensive martial arts training and safely teaching, Kelle discusses ways to increase your safety awareness and how to take action if necessary.  Every modern woman needs to hear the contents of this seminar.  Tips for finding an effective self-defense course are also covered.


Safety at Any Age: The Savvy SENIOR Woman’s Safety Guide  Tailored specifically for today’s older women, this seminar incorporates the fundamental principles of the original Safety Guide, but with an emphasis on the special needs, skills and limitations women may experience as they age.


Mom & Me Safety  This workshop discusses basic safety awareness geared for the grade school set and their moms.  Third degree karate black belt and self defense instructor Dr. Kelle Z. Riley teaches simple awareness tips and everyday physical moves that will help keep your little ones safe.  As a karate instructor, one of Kelle’s favorite responsibilities was teaching the littlest of students.  This seminar also gives tips for finding an effective and appropriate class for those who wish to begin a course of martial arts study.  It also covers building a safety mind set and culture for growing children.  Join in the fun.

Career Development

Marketing Yourself  From students looking for a first job, to executives looking for a new position, to candidates for office, everyone can benefit from successful marketing skills.  Calling on the techniques she used to break into the world of publishing, Kelle highlights the power of Patience, Persistence, Networking, and the importance of “branding” yourself to introduce you to the basics of self marketing.  

First Impressions, Lasting Images   Scientist and author Dr. Kelle Z. Riley shows you how to make those critical first impressions project who you really are.  When meeting a new employer, do your hands sweat?  Do you stammer?  Have you ever forgotten a sales pitch in front of a critical customer?  What do you do when all eyes are on you?  Kelle can top all of your embarrassing stories with a true story of her own.  How do you turn a faux-pas into a positive statement about you and your abilities?  Come to this workshop and find out.  Everyone from students to job seekers should learn these skills.

Dreams, Goals and Habits  Do you want to write a best selling novel?  Become a household name?  Earn a living through your creative efforts?  No technique or habit can guarantee success, but dozens of little decisions can guarantee failure.  What’s standing in your way?  How do you move past it?  How do you break through writer’s block, bounce back up after a devastating rejection, or keep on track after a bad review?  Your answer can be the difference between success and failure.  Explore techniques to keep your career on track.

Career Self Mentoring for Writers  Do you ever wish a more experienced writer would take you by the hand and show you the tricks to drafting and revising a manuscript, writing a synopsis or query letter,  breaking into publishing, or marketing your book?  We all long for mentors but few of us know the tricks to finding the right mentor for each stage of our writing career.  Using techniques gleaned from her business and management experience, Dr. Riley shows you simple techniques to find and benefit from mentoring relationships.


Public Speaking for Shy Writers  If the thought of doing a public book signing, teaching a writing class, meeting one-on-one with an editor, or—heaven forbid!—giving a keynote speech or other talk to a large audience makes your knees knock and sends you diving for cover, this is a seminar for you!  Co-presenters, Dr. Kelle Z. Riley and Mr. Michael Charton know all about the terrors and pitfalls of public speaking and are how to overcome them.  They are willing to bare all by sharing both their most embarrassing public speaking moments and their techniques for overcoming fear, just so you can learn from their experience.  Simple techniques for speaking are outlined in the basic course.  This workshop includes membership in the Public Speaking for Shy Writers Facebook group, which is always there to answer your questions as they arise.  Keep an eye out for other installments in this fascinating series of hands-on workshops.

Writer’s Life Track

Time Management for Writers  Developed for writers who also hold other jobs, this seminar explores the things that may be holding you back from being published and how to tackle the enormous task of having a successful writing career without sacrificing your day job or your sanity.  A must for everyone who wonders what’s holding her back from success.

Lessons I learned in my Writing Career  An amusing look at some of the realities of writing and publishing, this seminar explores some of the first lessons learned in the course of a fledgling writing career.  Some lessons are expected and others new but all are presented through a young authors’ eyes.  The seminar ends with a twist guaranteed to help you remember the tidbits of knowledge for weeks afterward.

Courting the Editor: Adapting to Changes in a Writer’s Life  Every author goes through numerous changes from writing that first sentence to the first draft to the debut novel.  This interactive seminar likens the process to dating and uses some of the same skills to help the writer keep her perspective and humor about her as she travels the demanding road of her writers’ career.  Beginning or experienced, unpublished or multi-published, everyone can identify with the events discussed here.

Craft Track

Creating Realistic Kick Butt Characters   What’s the difference between being imprisoned in the iron grip of a villain vs. a hero?  What moves can your FBI heroine use to subdue her quarry?  How can he turn the tables on her?  This seminar explores techniques and attitudes you can use to create a sense of danger, and to make heroes, heroines and villains behave in realistic, compelling ways. Calling on her third degree black belt and years of self-defense training and teaching, Kelle explores not only how to create realistic characters, but offers tips on keeping yourself safe as well.

Picking Up The Pace  A seminar for writers and aspiring writers, award winning author Dr. Kelle Z. Riley discusses ways to keep agents, editors and readers turning the pages.  Topics include ways to use “standard” techniques (point-of-view, description, dialogue, “show don’t tell,” editing) in surprising new ways.  This session includes hands on writing exercises designed to help you break out of the pack and into print.

Walking off the Page: How to Bring Characters to Life  Strong characters make lasting impressions. From princesses to policemen memorable, believable characters are the key to making readers (and editors) come back for more.  Learn techniques to create multidimensional characters that come to life for you and your reader..

Emotional Intensity: Drawing the Reader Into The Story  In romance writing, emotion is king.  From  sizzling love scenes to declarations of undying love, the key to reader satisfaction is providing a believable, emotional experience—even if you haven’t “been there, done that.”  Learn to look inside yourself to find the key to writing effective emotion in any setting.  How can a nice writer like you channel murderous rage into a villain?  You’d be surprised!

We’re Not In Kansas Anymore: World Building Basics  The world your characters inhabit can be as much a part of the story as the characters themselves.  Learn to effectively use the writer’s toolbox to build believable, enticing worlds, whether your story takes place in the suburb next door or the dark underworld of an alternate universe.  Examples will show how setting can enhance everything from characterization to plotting.

Pitch with Power; Query with Confidence  This workshop discusses the basics of selling your story ideas to an editor, agent or producer.  Author Kelle Z. Riley teaches you the 3 basic levels of pitching, how they differ and what they have in common.  She also includes examples of successful pitches and a template for writing the a pitch-perfect query letter.  For writers of all skill levels.

Introduction to Romance Writing  Are you thinking about writing a romance novel?  Ever wondered why they are so popular and successful?  Do you think you have what it takes to write one?  (Or do you think they are so easy anyone could write one?)  Take the introductory quiz on this genre then sit back and see how romance-savvy you are!  The course covers the basics about commercial romance fiction, including sales and readership statistics and techniques for crafting a satisfying manuscript.    


Introduction to Mystery Writing  Are you thinking about writing a cozy mystery?  Ever wondered why they are so popular and successful?  Do you think you have what it takes to write one?  (Or do you think they are so easy anyone could write one?)  Take the introductory quiz on this genre then sit back and see how romance-savvy you are!  The course covers the basics about commercial romance fiction, including sales and readership statistics and techniques for crafting a satisfying manuscript.    

Research Track

Glamour and Grunge: Secrets of an Industrial Chemist  Ever wonder what a day in the life of a scientist is like?  Far from bubbling potions and bizarre discoveries, it is more likely to involve climbing tall industrial towers or delving into pits to inspect equipment, navigating the slippery slopes of a sludge encrusted waste plant or uncovering the secrets of how your favorite soft drink is made.  The back corners of the local manufacturing plant could be a great place to set your next mystery or romance.  Learn telling details that add realism and tidbits that make the lab setting sizzle from Ph.D. chemist, multi-published science author, and U.S. Patent holder, Kelle Z. Riley as she shares her knowledge of science and love of writing in this informative seminar.

Poisoned Pen  Find out how to poison your characters with common household chemicals. Dr. Kelly Z. Riley will guide us through the "killer contents" of our homes and show you how to research the “right” poison.  This seminar can also be presented in conjunction with Luisa Buehler, amateur gardener, who will discuss deadly dopplegangers in the common garden. How does your garden grow? Join one or both of these authors for an eye-opening view of the commonplace. Have they got a poison for you!

Getting Away with Murder  In this educational and interactive workshop, Dr. Kelle Z. Riley combines the best of chemical poisons, convenient accidents and deadly weapons (taken from her years as a martial arts expert) to discuss ways to kill and get away with it—hypothetically, of course.  Appropriate for writers and readers of all ages.  

Promotional Track

Leverage Your Passions, Sell Your Story  Your life long passions, interests, and hobbies can supercharge your writing life!  Discover the secret of leveraging your life long interests and turning them into platforms that springboard your writing career to the next level as Kelle Z Riley shares the story of how she leveraged her passions and turned them into powerful engines to propel her writing career forward.


You Write What?  Face it—when you’re an author, actor, speaker, politician or other public figure someone is going to take you to task for what you do.  This interactive workshop features a discussion of the most embarrassing, difficult questions a writer can have and gives tips on how to assess the questioner’s motives and respond appropriately.  A must for all published authors and aspiring authors, regardless of genre.

Other Fun stuff

Book Club Discussion  Want to know the secrets behind each of Kelle’s books? Invite her to  your book club and be ready to have fun. Kelle will entertain you with the story behind the novel, as well as leading you through discussion guides for each of her books. Whether face-to-face or via telecommuting, this is guaranteed to be a fun time. 

Topics Tailored for You  Contact Kelle for information on topics created specifically for your group! There is no charge for consultation or brainstorming!